The Local Bank has two levels of accounts,

Standard account: There are no restrictions on the deposit of standard accounts. The cost of making a general order is 3 points, and the currency pair is 1.6 points.
VIP account: VIP account account requires US $ 5,000, the cost of ordering for general varieties is 2 points, and 1 point for currency pairs;
For deposits of more than 1,000 US dollars, the amount of gift that can be applied = deposit * 20%, more entries and more deliveries, non-deductible losses, no withdrawals and withdrawals, after completing the bonus * 15% of the lot, the bonus can be turned into free Dominate.
The credit account funds are bonuses, and the bonuses will be transferred once according to the total amount of the credit account, and will not be transferred in batches.
Bonus transfer conditions:
Standard account: Requirement to transfer real lots> = Gift amount * 15%;
VIP account: the requirement for transferring real lots> = gift amount * 22.5%;
(Note: Forex currency pairsJPN225Nikkei are counted by 2 lots; A50、HK50、MHIBTCUSDT are not accumulated. There is no limit on completion time)
If there is no withdrawal before the bonus is converted into real lots, the platform has the right to recover the bonus.
When the customer's own funds are lower than the bonus, in order to prevent the bonus from being lost, the platform has the right to recover the bonus.